SYLVIA HORWITZ photography

DESAPARECIDOS: Mothers of the Disappeared


Everything changed when their children disappeared. The decision to come together and confront the junta about information and the return of their children was one of desperation rather than calculated political resistance.

Since April 30, 1977 the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, in their emblematic white headscarves, have been a permanent weekly presence in front of the presidential residence. These mothers of the "disappeared" maintain remembrance with a constant fight for truth and justice. Others are still searching for their grandchildren who were born in captivity.

My initial curiosity about this group of women became a compelling interest when one of the founding Madres agreed to spend time with me at the protest marches. I met many mothers who have become a strong voice of advocacy for the social changes their children were trying to achieve. Their work has transformed the perception of women's role in Argentina's society and their place in it.

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